Living in a climate that sees both extremes of weather, installing a Pool Cover could be one of the smartest things you do you. We recommend Daisy Pool covers as they are a premium cover, do exactly what they are supposed to with no fuss and are backed by an extensive warrantee.

A Daisy pool cover is a physical barrier between the pool water and atmospheric temperature.

A cover saves the water from evaporation, heat loss, escaping of chemical pool gas as chlorine turns into a gas when dissolved in water.


Extend Your Swimming Season

A Daisy Pool Cover when installed correctly will raise the water temperature by 6–8ºC above the average ambient temperature measured over about a week. This means you will find you can swim in your pool earlier and later over the summer season. Without any solar heating our children start the season in September and are still swimming until May.

Reduce Water Loss

A Pool can loose one and a half times it’s volume across a year. That means that a 40,000L Pool can loose up to 60,000L over 12 months. When living on tank water this can be an absolute life saver. And even if you aren’t on tank water the cost of filling your pool can become astronomical. Installing a Daisy Pool Cover will reduce your water loss through evaporation by up to 6,000L a month.

Save on Pool Cleaning Time and Maintenance

A Daisy Pool Cover will help keep out dirt and leaves. There will be far less dirt in your pool and most unwanted debris will blow away. What doesn’t blow away will gather in one area to be scooped up and removed. Carefully hosing off as you roll the cover up is a good method of cleaning.

Better for the Environment and Save Money on Chemicals

Apart from the water you will save, a Daisy Pool cover will help keep your chemicals when they are supposed to be. In your Pool. With a Daisy Pool cover your pool won’t be exposed to the elements meaning that the Sun won’t effect the Chemical Balance in your pool as severely. The sun eats up chlorine so having a Daisy Pool Cover installed will help reduce this loss of chlorine and other chemicals.

Put the Fun Back into Your Pool

Ultimately, a Daisy pool cover puts the fun back into your pool. Costs are kept to a minimum and it is an environmentally responsible choice.

Convinced you need a Daisy?

Daisy Pool Covers can be purchased and installed yourself or if you’d like us to assist you please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual needs. We are happy to provide you with a free quote.

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